CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

A new paradigm for social engagement.

The Companies Act, 2013, required Corporate to strategise, capacitate, implement & monitor their social investments from a closer lens.

The companies Act, 2013, makes CSR spending mandatory for mid-to big-sized Corporates, and has now defined the regulatory boundaries governing CSR, by bringing in more transparency and accountability, right from the board level. This necessitates a newer level of alacrity and flexibility on part of the Corporates to gear up and respond to the challenges posed by Section 135 of the Act.

With the release of the final rules in Feb 2014, mandated Corporates now necessarily have to form a CSR committee; structure their CSR policy and share it on publically accessible domains; define CSR programmes; spend, monitor and then report on the same.

Focal areas under Section 135:

  • Eligible companies now required to report on their 2% spend or explain the reasons in event of non-spending.
  • Establishes accountability for the Board (the CSR committee).
  • Requires Corporates to plan, structure and document their CSR policy.

How can we assist

We can help you prepare, implement and monitor a Section-135 complaint & cohesive CSR policy that is need-based, strategic, integrated with your value chain, is iterative and is grand towards Business Responsibility Reporting. Based on our experience and research, we can/have offered significant value-add to our customers (at different stages of their CSR life cycle) in planning as well as assessment.

HFI is committed to implement programs and projects under CSR programme of Corporate Sector.