Special Support Program

The Special Support Program is designed to help those whose drug costs are high in relation to their income. Based on the information provided on the application form along with Drug Plan records, the Drug Plan determines the amount of benefit for which the beneficiary is eligible.

A family may qualify for Special Support based on the family's annual adjusted income. Income adjustments are made by deducting fixed money for each dependent under 18 years of age.

The family's co-payment is determined by the amount that the family drug costs exceed 3.4 per cent of the adjusted combined family income. If the annual benefit drug cost exceeds 3.4 per cent of the adjusted income, the family pays a portion of each prescription to reduce their share of drug costs and spread the cost over the six-month benefit period.

Families with a deductible due to receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), Target group Income Plan Family Health Benefits (FHB) may be eligible for further benefits under the Special Support Program.

If the family income or medication costs change during the coverage period, the consumer may make a written request for a reassessment of coverage. The written request may be sent to the Drug Plan.

HFI is committed to implement programs on Special Support Program