Vision, Mission & Values


To emerge as a leading knowledge and value driven organization by a innovative, sustainable and scalable social approach.
The world has seen emergence of a new field of in the social field.
We have seen many examples such as Florence Nightingale, Dr. Maria Montessori and Robert Owen. Social movements act as change agents for the society, inventing new approaches and solutions to address social issues.
We at Humanity Foundation of India blend the factors of social and business nature together, a social enterprise driven by professional discipline. We come in to play a role where other modes fall short.
While social organizations have widely come to connote just that; organizations, we however believe in it’s widest sense it is about identifying the sub-optimal equilibrium in terms of sub-par conditions prevailing at various geographies and acting as catalyst to reach optimal point. We identify social need and make social value. We create a virtuous cycle We work for those who need us.
We know that we work in an environment which is not only economic in nature but also has other spheres like Social, thus we are an organization specifically focused on social sphere.
We are here for you. We believe in Impact and the subsequent inherent quality of innovation, that drives us. Conditions are to be bettered, hurdles to be broken.
We use innovative measures to address social problems and needs.
HFI’s main purpose therefore is to be a social entrepreneur to make a difference, this maybe a social one but can also and most of the time has an economic impact too.
HFI, an NGO dedicated to better the society. For you, them, all of us.


Our mission is to empower people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, disease and social injustice. Our initiatives aim to achieve large scale, positive changes through economic and social programmes that enable men and women to realize their potential.


  • Inclusiveness- We are committed to engaging, supporting and recognizing the value of all members of the society regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, ethnicity, age, physical or mental ability, socioeconomic status and geography.
  • Innovation- HFI has been an innovator in the creator of opportunities for the poor to lift themselves out of poverty. We value creativity in programme design and strive to display global leadership in groundbreaking social development initiatives.
  • Integrity- We value transparency and accountability in all our professional work, with clear policies and procedures, while displaying the utmost level of honesty in our financial dealings. We hold these to be the most essential elements of our work ethic.
  • Effectiveness- We value efficiency and excellence in all our work, constantly challenging ourselves to perform better to meet and exceed programme targets, and to improve and deepen the impact of our interventions.
  • Humanitarian approach – people’s right to a life with dignity takes precedence over politics and principles.
  • Respect – for the equal rights of human beings.
  • Independence and neutrality – in regard to our surroundings
  • Inclusion – of the people we work to help
  • Honesty and transparency – for all beneficiaries, donors, partners and others.