Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development (HRD) means to develop available manpower through suitable methods such as training, promotions, transfers and opportunities for career development. HRD programmes create a team of well-trained, efficient and capable managers and subordinates. Such team constitutes an important asset of an enterprise. One organization is different from another mainly because of the people (employees) working therein. According to Peter F. Druker, "the prosperity, if not the survival of any business depends on the performance of its managers of tomorrow." The human resource should be nurtured and used for the benefit of the organization.

HFI as a non-governmental organization operate in target communities and in its own way perform a variety of services to the society. The target professionals are generally nonprofessionals and belong to various socioeconomic and educational backgrounds. To improve the functioning of target group of people, so that they perform to the optimum levels, employee training becomes an important issue. HFI makes an attempt to assess the extent of training taking place for the target groups and also to analyze their training needs. The HFI has discovered that the extent of training of employees in these target groups is at a primitive stage and they require to be trained mainly in the areas of community participation and involvement, and also in the area of usage of technology.