Message from Secretary General

Message from the Founder Secretary General

HFI was established in 2004 with a vision of serving humanity through its objectives and mission to serve each needful area HFI serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

It has been ten remarkable years since Humanity Foundation of India was first conceived to help the unprivileged and marginalized people who require our attention and care. Over the past ten years, Humanity Foundation of India has achieved outstanding results in serving our communities and we are happy to inform you that HFI has emerged as a leading knowledge and value driven organization by a innovative, sustainable and scaleable social approach.

We phased out from some of the villages that are managing sustained growth on their own and we ventured into 25 villages during last 10 years. The journey has been extraordinary and impactful in the most "positive way. Community transformation" was the culmination of many interventions and HFI’s contribution was both strategic as well as substantive. Our investment in true empowerment of the people is one of the main ingredients for the positive change.

We have not only facilitated holistic development in the communities but take pride in the fact that our staff were accepted as members of the communities we serve. The close-bond between our Field Officers and our communities bear testimony to the success and relevance of our programs.

I thank all "our donors, contributors, partners" volunteers and the government agencies for their support. A decade of dedicated service in helping vulnerable communities help themselves would have not been possible without their help. We seek continued support and goodwill in ensuring many more decades of peace, prosperity and happiness from all our supporters.I would like to conclude my message by expressing my deep gratitude to the “older/seasoned generation” for giving, advising and guiding the “new generation” with your example of a commitment to a lifelong dedication to the Humanity foundation of India and its principles that are needed as we face the new challenges ahead.